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OUR Services

Our Services


We recognize the disparities in mental health care and strive to bridge the gap by providing accessible services to marginalized communities, low-income individuals, and those with limited resources. Our programs are designed to promote positive mental health outcomes. Through evidence-based therapies, personalized treatment plans, and ongoing support, we assist individuals in managing their symptoms, developing effective coping strategies, and achieving improved overall well-being. We closely monitor and measure outcomes to continually refine our approaches and ensure the best possible results.
Theraputic Services
Our Services


Education is the cornerstone of our community. Baraka Legacy trusts that education is the solution to freedom, opportunity, and success. Our comprehensive educational programs engage our clients and equip them with the necessary tools to overcome challenges, gain self-sufficiency, self-develop, and build healthy relationships.

We provide training in the following areas:

Our Services


We provide transitional housing, supportive housing, and linkages to community resources to help individuals regain stability and independence. Our housing program goes beyond providing shelter. We offer a supportive environment that fosters personal growth, life skills development, and community integration. Through individualized case management, we empower individuals to regain independence, secure employment, and establish stable lives outside of the assistance we provide.
We Provided Housing in the following areas:
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